Our vision and values

Our vision

The Urban Coup will be a resilient, positive and diverse community that contributes to a healthier world, and one that enriches its residents' lives.

To bring our vision to reality we will:

  • Utilise our values to realise the physical, economical and social structure of the community.
  • Celebrate both individuality and community, and regard our collective strength to be greater than┬áthe sum of individual contributions.
  • Seek to consolidate resources for the benefit of our community and the planet.
  • Respect each other's opinions, needs and boundaries.
  • Regularly share food together.
  • Acknowledge that our community, individual lives, and even values will undergo change during our journey. We intend to be resilient and accommodate such change.
  • Recognise that conflict will occur. We commit to resolve conflict in an open and respectful manner, in an environment free of blame, and by utilising the consensus approaches outlined in the Urban Coup's Rules and associated policies.
  • Make every effort to follow through on the commitments we make individually and as a group to ensure that our timelines are met.
  • Be open to amending our Rules and policies so they reflect the changing needs of our community.
  • Recognise and respect the sovereignty of First Nations in Australia. Engage with the Traditional Owners of any Urban Coup site(s) to develop agreed actions in alignment with this recognition.

Our values are based on mutual respect and this is enhanced by:

  • Creating a welcoming environment for people visiting our community.
  • Nurturing the uniqueness of our home and community.
  • Living sustainably within the limits of what the earth provides.
  • Creating a home that will be a rich hub of creativity.
  • Committing to justice and equity.
  • Creating a living environment that is safe and secure.)
  • Documenting our journey for the benefit of ourselves and others.
  • Developing a way of life that balances privacy and community.
  • Valuing green space, including vegetable gardens.
  • Acknowledging the need for compromise.
  • Acting in solidarity with Traditional Owners (and other Aboriginal groups as appropriate).